SasuNaru Fanfic Chapter 5

Sasuke and naruto walked into the long room they hared a evil crackling laugh "well, well, well sasuke you brought back the little kitsune like I told you to very well done" Orochimaru said from the darkness

Sasuke had stoped walking when he got half way into the room so when he stoped naruto had to stop to because she was in chakra cuffs 'well they had to be convincing'. Naruto was half hiding behind sasuke when Orochimaru cam out of the darkness "you did a good job sasuke-kun now take her to Kabuto and tell him we have a test subject then go take her to the prison cells" orochimaru didn't take his eyes off sasuke the whole time but sasuke was not paying attention as he turned and walked away he said "whatever" and walked out the door with naruto following him.

Sasuke was pulling naruto by the wrist down the hallway he seemed angry "sasuke are you ok?" naruto asked…….. "No naruto I'm not I don't want you to be treated like this and I do not want to take you to see Kabuto" naruto just looked at sasuke then they stoped at a door sasuke knocked two seconds there was a answer "who is it?" they voice asked and sasuke replied "it's me sasuke open up" and as soon as he said that Kabuto was opening the door "oh good you brought me a test subject ok now take her over the bed" Kabuto point to a hospital bed in the middle of the room surrounded by computers and medical equipment…. Sasuke took naruto over to the bed and picked her up as he did he said in naruto's ear "I'm so sorry naruto" he's voice was pained as he set naruto down Kabuto appeared again "ok sasuke your jobs done now you can go now" sasuke didn't move right away and for that Kabuto gave him a weird look so sasuke put up his act again while saying "psh why do I even bother" looking at naruto as Kabuto strapped her to the bed he gave her a look that only naruto had saw his real emotional face.

It had been 3 days since sasuke had seen naruto he was starting to worry about her he started to think if she even survived the experiments he had seen some of the so called "test subjects" after they had came out of that room and he didn't even want to know what he might have done to naruto it was just to horrible to think about and at that moment he heard a knock on his door he gave a little grunt to let who ever it was to enter as it so happened to orochimaru himself…. Sasuke sat himself up and said "what do you want?" he looked at orochimaru "why sasuke-kun I'm offended can't I came and see my followers?" he asked in a creepy voice "I am not one of your followers nor will I ever be….. I came here to get power that's all" he looked over to the other wall when her hear "well if your not then I'll get someone else to pick the little nine tails from Kabuto's lab then" he looked at sasuke "fine…. Fine I'll do it but this does not mean I'm you follower" walking out the door "sure sasuke-kun sure".

Sasuke was walking down the hall lost in thought when he came to Kabuto's door and yet he didn't know how he got here his feet must of just carried him to where naruto was kind of like a pull between them. Sasuke was scared to see what he had done to naruto to see what she looked like he summed up all he had an walked in and what he saw was………

Naruto lying there her chest showing her jacket was open her bra was showing she had cords leading off her everywhere but she looked unharmed she look normal apart from looking extremely tired. Sasuke walked in further when Kabuto came out "oh sasuke you're here to take her to her cell I presume" sasuke couldn't say anything he just nodded "well it's a surprise to see you again associated with this girl but it's not my place to say…. Her cell is 369….you might need to carry her she is week but she proved well in the experiment very strong and responsive" he said as sasuke went to pick naruto up and as he was walking out the door Kabuto said "oh and sasuke I need you come in 3 weeks ok" sasuke turned is head "sure" and walked out of the room and down the hall to the prison cells.

Naruto was finally coming out of her sleeping jutsu she felt a rocking momentum like someone was walking with her in their arms….when naruto opened her eyes she thought she was getting carried by one of orochimaru's henchmen but when naruto looked up she saw deep dark black eye's she knew only one person with those eyes it has to be "sasuke?" naruto voice was really weak sasuke was looking down at her "hey are you ok? Do you feel any different? What did he do to you? Did he hurt you?" he was looking at naruto "sasuke?"…… "Yea naruto what is it?" "Stop talking to many questions" naruto heard sasuke chuckle a little "oh naruto" after just a little bit more walking sasuke asked "do you remember    anything that he did to you naruto" it was a while before naruto answered "no I don't remember anything why?" sasuke wasn't looking at her "damn a mind erasing jutsu damn" naruto was looking up "sasuke what is it?" "don't worry naruto" they were passing so many of cells until they got to the end one, sasuke opened it and set naruto down on the small bed "I'll come and check on you in three days ok?" naruto was nearly asleep but managed to get out "ok sasuke" sasuke bent down and kissed naruto's head he could do this because he chose the cell block with no one in it, as he walked out of the cell he looked at naruto one last time and as he locked the cell door he whispered "goodnight naruto" then sasuke walked back into the darkness away from where his heart lye's…….back with naruto in the cell with her heart, she has locked away is hart to keep it safe…..for that is the way sasuke see's it.

<:: To Be Continued ::>